Thursday, 12 March 2015

Miui V6 4.12.14 FOR LENOVO S820 JEBE ROW

Miui V6 4.12.14 JEBE ROW
WSM tools for paid theme
V6 Themed with WSM Tools & Tinted Status Bar
New Framework Adaptation for PatchRom Release from 4.9.12
More free RAM
Recovery mode in Power Menu
3G Active SIM switch
2G/3G Toggle
2G/3G Selection from Network Settings
Car Mode
Audio Profiles
Sound switch for Boot/Camera Sounds
Default SIM Selection for Call/SMS
Default Memory Location
MIUI FM Radio with recording
Modded Camera for audio recording clarity fix
Emergency call fix for 911 and Delhi Nos
Country Code Fix for Contacts
Exclusive Xolo Tool Kit
Buit-in Engineering Mode
USB Connection Mode for MTP/PTP
Customized LED Settings for Xolo
Lot of Chinese stuff removed [Directory / Theme Manager Headers]
Adblock with hosts file
Indian NTP Servers for Quick GPS Lock
Center Clock Mod
Full Support for WSM Tools/Mi-Tools
Viper4Android Integrated/Themed

Bug :
Led notification

same as always brad,
- FULL Wipe and FULL Format
- Install
- Wait
- Dont reboot but flash root via cwm/twrp

  In homescreen follow setup wizard
1) There is Root Permission Manager -> Choose Grant
2) Setup Google ( recommendation English)
3) Log in  your Google account ( can also skip)
4) Open Security menu -> Permission -> Permission Manager -> choose OFF
5) Swipe to left open Tools folder -> choose Download ->click setting(  gear picture on the right) -> Set Data Usage become Unlimited
Setting Notification SOSMED ( BBM , Whatapps , Mesenger < etc...)
  After install aplication SOSMED, perform the following step:
- Open Security Menu -> Permission -> Auto-start management
- Click Add auto-start management
- Choose the Aplication ( BBM ,Etc...) Then click Allow
If the notification not appear :
- Open Setting
- Choose Notification
- Choose Manage notification
- Click the Aplication ( BBM, Etc..)
- Show in status bar -> ON

Link :
Root :
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