Tuesday, 19 May 2015


Features :

Based on MIUI V6
Kitkat 4.4.x
WSM Tools
Modules to be paid theme free
And much more..

Bugs :
Led not working
Can't use the ota update

NB :
Will be updated periodically
So, keep waiting for the next update

Link MIUI 5.5.1 BETA :

Link MIUI 5.5.22 BETA :

Fix Charging Screen Off :

Module PLAK Work In 5.5.22 :

MIUI ROM 5.5.22 Full Changelog
Fix - Charging notification light did not work (05-21)

New - If a call from a unknown number is hung up shortly after it is taken, a prompt will show to ask if you would like to report that number (05-20)

Fix - Lagging/ FC errors when importing or deleting SIM card contacts (05-21)
Fix - FC error caused by using single quotation marks when searching (05-21)

Fix - Mi Band 'Vibrate for notifications' feature did not work after receiving a MMS (05-20)
Fix - Messaging app would stop responding if there were too many receipts when sending group messages (05-20)

[Lockscreen, Status Bar, Notification Bar]
New - Added hotspot icon in status bar when portable hotspot is enabled (05-19)
New - Added charging icon in status bar (05-19)
New - Support displaying virtual network operators' names (05-19)
Optimization - Optimized status bar icons' color contrast (05-20)

Fix - No response after booting up for some Redmi devices (05-20)

New - Added video album to help manage all videos on your device (05-21)
Optimization - Loading speed when opening large images in cloud albums (05-21)
Optimization - Reduced RAM usage when viewing large images (05-21)
Optimization - Enhanced speed of entering Gallery from Camera (05-21)
Optimization - Enhanced smoothness when scrolling in front page (05-21)
Optimization - Loading speed of Offline page (05-21)
Optimization - Modified setting password icon in secret album page (05-21)
Fix - Random FC errors when viewing images in start page (05-19)
Fix - Layout error when choosing several images to add to cloud albums (Mi Note) (05-21)
Fix - Gallery had a high CPU occupancy after booting up (05-21)
Fix - Sometimes, deleting offline albums caused FC error (05-21)

Fix - Sometimes, weather animations displayed abnormally (05-19)

New - Added transition animation when connecting WiFi (05-21)
Fix - Sometimes, incorrect WiFi password prompt did not show after a long time (05-21)

New - Brand new MIUI App store (05-18)
New - Most installed app is list first in searching result page (05-18)
Optimization - Optimized searching result page UI style in special situations (05-18)
Optimization - Optimized the prompt when failed to install some apps due to lack of system module (05-20)
Fix - Sometimes Feedback page had FC error (05-18)

[File Explorer]
Fix - Lagging issue when loading thumbnails (05-21)

[Clock / Calculator]
Fix - UI display error when using large font (05-19)

[Mi Cloud]
New - Alarm clock settings can be restored from Mi Cloud when switching to new devices (05-19)
New - New Mi Cloud membership system. Allow users to choose from three membership levels (05-20)
Optimization - Optimized Mi Cloud settings page (05-19)

Credits And Special Thanks :
Allah S.W.T
My Brother Miftah Confuse
Dimaz Fatria
Bang Djoeeh
All Mastah And All Member Lenovo S820 Indonesia
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